Monday, August 15, 2011

Warrior Dash: The Sequel

3.2 miles, 12 obstacles, 1 mountain.

Saturday was the second Warrior Dash held at the Windham Mountain Ski Resort in Windham, NY. The obstacles were just a bit crazier, the crowds just a bit bigger and the mountain... well it seemed as big as last time.

Keeping it classy at the Dash.

We had great weather. I have to be honest, when I heard it was in August this year I had visions of 90 degree weather and having to park myself in the first water/mud pit to cool off. Mild temps and slightly overcast skies made for perfect Warrior conditions.

Clean feet. Clearly a before.
There were some repeat obstacles with a new twist (i.e. logs to swim over, barbed wire to crawl under) and a few new obstacles to battle.

The hill goes up and up and up...

Looking back at the Barricade Breakdown

About to enter Road Rage

Katie and I on top of a snazzy junker car

Teetering Traverse. Sort of scary and required excellent balance.

Dead Weight Drifter. May look gross, but one
of my favorite obstacles for the cool down factor. 

Missing a picture of the Cliffhanger. Picture running through a muddy pit as above, then climbing out of it using some ropes. Ta da.

Dead Mans Drop.
Climb up, drop down. Sure, sounds easy enough.

Rubber Ricochet.

Cargo Climb.
Climb up, carefully (!) turn around, and climb back down.

Chaotic Crossover.
Horizontal cargo nets are hard to climb across.
I'm sure I looked extremely awkward.

Petrifying Plunge.
I had no momentum (since I stopped to snap a pic)
 and this was much more tame than last year.

Warrior Roast (near the top) and Muddy Mayhem, both very fun.

The End. Find a drink (water), shower, and find a drink (beer).

Before and After. Amazingly enough the shirt resembles the before after a bunch of washing.

Well worth it!
A little less classy 'after'. 
Shoes ready to be cleaned and donated.
Warrior Results.

Another great Warrior Dash day! I'm sure I'll be back next year... if my legs stop hurting by then.

Warrior Dash 2010 recap.


  1. Christine Swing (WW)August 17, 2011 at 2:39 PM

    Great pictures! Did you bring a water proof camera with you? I wish I had a small camera to take pics with when I did it in June. :) PS: I follow you now, hope its cool.

  2. D - I love that you have so many pictures. Did you take a waterproof camera or a camera in a bag?

    We had the Barricade one and I got the biggest bruise on the inside of my left thigh from that one. The Teetering one was so scary. I don't think we had the wood grooves on ours. It was just flat wood and very slippery. Dead Weight Drifter looks fun. I'd like that one! Our finish line was down hill and I jumped over the 1st fire and landed hard on my left knee and left it kind of snap back. I did not jump the 2nd one because of that. Other than that I loved it.

    We finished in about 47 min. I'm hoping to finish it faster next time but having fun is the first priority!

  3. That looks like quite the adventure. It's these types of events that make training more fun. It's motivation to prepare as well.