Sunday, September 19, 2010

Warrior Weekend

Saturday was the Warrior Dash Northeast held in Windham, NY! It's advertised as the "craziest frickin' day of your life." I've had a few crazy days during my years and this would definitely be in the Top 5! I met up with my friends Kate and Jessica and together we carpooled to the race. When we pulled up I quickly realized I should have upped my expectations for the day; costumes galore, crowds of people oh and a race that goes up the ski slope with 13 obstacles!

Race area.

Me, Jess, Kate and some Warriors in costume!
The race was 3.23 miles and there were around 13 obstacles, well I think we all agreed that the 14th obstacle was the first 1.5 miles of the race that went uphill. I brought my camera with me during the race (with Ziploc bag) to capture some of the race excitement!

The obstacles were listed as:

1. Knee High Hell - stepping through tires
2. Warrior Wall - haul yourself over two sets of 4-5 ft walls
3. Tunnels of Terror - down on your hands and knees, crawl on through
4. Black Forest - dash through the trees
5. Slithering Swamp - a deep (chest high), icy cold pond to swim through
6. Walk the Plank - walk the plank, over a gully
7. Rip Van Winkle Way - up and over a wooden bridge
8. Rio Run -  mud, mud, mud
9. Cargo Climb - up one cargo net, onto a platform, down the other side
10. Flagstone Stack - lots of rocks in the woods
11. Catskill Skid - aka slip - n - slide
12. Warrior Roast - leap over two sets of fire pits
13. Muddy Mayhem - crawl through the mud pit, watch out for the barbed wire

The long uphill at the start!

Tunnels of Terror

Cargo Climb

Catskill Skid

Muddy Mayhem

Well obstacles 8 and 10 I didn't exist per se but there were plenty up steep up hills and steep down hills to make up for it! And man those killed my legs (next year I'll be more prepared)! The last three were by far the most exciting and grouped together at the end. There was a bit of a backup at the slip-n-slide which gave us a chance to catch our breaths and get ready to jump over some fire and crawl through the mud. Thanks to Jess and Kate for encouraging me up that long and difficult uphill, I couldn't have done it without you girls!!

Near the top of the course

Warriors Post-race

We clean up well!

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  1. Congrats!!

    You ladies are gorgeous!!

  2. Nice. Thanks for taking photos during the race, that's great for us who were just spectating down below :)
    I've lots of photos on Flickr or in my post, enjoy.

  3. Awesome job! I ran the race too (Sunday) and I would have been terrified to take my camera with me, even in a ziplock bag! Nice photos!

  4. Thanks S and Jen! Luckily I had an old camera that isn't used much that I wasn't too concerned about! It survived nicely though!

    It was a great time!

  5. wasn't this too much fun??? my post will be up tomorrow!