Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New blog, new challenge

I'm testing the waters of blogging over here at blogspot, thanks for bearing with me as I figure it all out.

Some of my friends and I have decided to start a daily photography scavenger hunt, the details are still in the works but I figured I'd go ahead and get started with Day 1. The task: take a picture of a school. I love photography and hope this challenge gets me behind the lens more often.

Today was an extreme errand day and I estimate I passed directly by 6 or 7 schools. I wasn't able to photograph them all of course but I got a few pictures. As a side note, you feel kind of creepy trying to take a picture of a school when there are crowds of people around. Tonight some schools were busy due to the fall sports season, others were busy due to the New York State Primary. I stopped by my polling place and snapped a few pics.


I voted in the NYS Democratic Primary. I'm unhappy with certain parts of the state of my State, therefore I participated in the civic process; I educated myself and cast a vote in hope to make a change. It was my first time voting in a primary and the first time voting with an electronic voting machine! It was a very simple process and there were plenty of instructions and staff to assist. Only two positions had multiple candidates therefore I only voted for two positions, Attorney General and Senate positions. I filled in two bubbles, slid my ballot into the machine and I was done! We'll see what the results are and who we'll be voting for come November!

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