Monday, September 20, 2010

Blog Recovery Day

Yesterday and today I've definitely been in recovery mode after the Warrior Dash! It was a busy weekend and a busy blog day... see look! Thanks to All Over Albany and many others who posted a link to my blog!

Look at that traffic!

Monday, Miss Mary chose our Scavenger Photo Hunt topic of the day: "half". I thought about it for most of the day, contemplated skipping today but figured blogging is a habit that needs to be formed. I don't always want to be super literal with my posts so today I'm going with a book I'm halfway through!!

Oh black and white photos, I love you so.

+10 blogging points if you can guess what book it is! :)
Here, I'll give you a hint.
Yeah, totally not helpful, I know...


  1. Hi Diana!!

    Here's a lovely blog award for you darling!

  2. I totally concur about the Juror thing. Cat puke is a good sign. Love the blog darling!