Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Slightly less inspired...

So day two of the photo challenge: Doors / Doorways. And though it was my suggestion, the business of the day got away with me.

I stopped by the grocery store, came home, then took off on a 45 minute walk/run (mostly walk). The weather is so amazing these days! My knee has been bothering me so I wanted to make sure it would be okay for the weekend ahead, but a blog post about that is in the works. After that I made myself dinner, just something quick and easy, made a modified recipe for chili that includes chocolate (think mole sauce) and roasted tomatoes, onions and garlic for a yummy tomato sauce. My apartment smells amazing at the moment!

Chili and roasted tomatoes fresh from the oven

Here are a few door / doorway pics from earlier! Also introducing Harris my cat, but more about him later!

Oven door

Harris in the sliding glass doorway
Scoping out the neighborhood

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